On the way in

Written by Pauline Lapointe-Chiragh



This is the story of a search for meaning amongst joys and trials, in dialogue with a wisely armed ideal of brotherhood. 

This is the story of the night dreaming of the day and the day dreaming of the night, in a search for improvised freedom in accordance with events reflecting the same search for ideals.

It is, in the end, the felicitous meeting of narrative and tale, of reality and memory, of body and mind—the meeting of words and living memories."

- Père Benoît Lacroix

About the author


Naturopathic doctor Pauline Lapointe-Chiragh, founder of the Luminergie Training Centre, has given courses and lectures across Quebec for over twenty years. She is now retired and travels the world in order to inspire others to write down their thoughts and share their life experience.

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Pauline Lapointe-Chiragh

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Au seuil d'une porte / On the way in

Pauline Lapointe-Chiragh

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